Production Facilities

Sri Ragavendra Coir Factory is situated in an area of 12 acres which includes a separate washing plant form covering an area of 12000 Sq.ft. Raw material Coir Pith is procured from the fibre factories and stored in the factory yards for a period of ageing. This is washed with fresh water. Then checked for its quality and then dried in 10000 Sq.ft. concrete yards. The dried materials are sieved to remove the short fibres and then blended to different quality requirement. This is then pressed into Coco Peat Blocks / Bales, Bricks and Coco Peat Grow Bags, Open Top Grow Bags (Prefill Bags), 650 grams briquette, Disk coin, finally palleted for dispatch.

The procured Raw materials stored in yards are washed and dried in natural way, then the material is sieved to different fractions and compressed into Coco Peat Bricks, Coco Peat Bales, Coco Peat Grow Bags.

All the drying yards are completely clean and free from weeds, seeds and contaminations with clean environment.

Production Machineries

We have advanced production facilities in our manufacturing plant equipped with most technological machineries. The company uses high quality materials to produce different blends of Coir - Coco Peat substrates. Today we supply coco products to international market only on the base of quality standards.


Our Quality control lab in each factory ensures the quality of the products. The quality control system is adopted at every level of production from the raw material inward upto the baling.

Storage Yards

The quality raw material of Sri Raga Peat is the core for producing the Coco products. We procure the Coco Pith from the respective coir factories and store in spacious and standardized storage yards. The raw materials are free from seeds, weeds and other foreign particles.

Washing Yards

The raw materials from the storage yards are washed with clean water to reduce the E.C. level and result the same is verified.

Drying Yards

Sri Ragavendra Coir Factory is located in a hot climate belt. The washed materials are processed to concrete drying yard. Once the materials reached the moisture level, it is then passed for screening.
All the drying yards are completely clean and free from weeds, seeds and contaminations with clean environment.


Sri Raga Peat products are packed as per the quality standards specified by the customers. The Coco products are transported with high priority till reaching the customer place.

Production Process Chart