"Sri Raga Peat" is a brand name of Sri Ragavendra Coir Factory, an ISO Certified Company having its Unit I at Tiruppur and Unit II at Karur, Tamilnadu, India. Established in the year 2010 and today has the capacity of over 12000 MT of Coir Products per annum involved in the Coco Peat based Growing Technologies, Geo-Textile for Erosion Control, Fibre bales and Coir yarn.
For Soilless cultivation both in the open and under protected environment (Green House). The products are marketed under the brand name "SRI RAGA PEAT".

Our products are available in the form of
  • Coir Fibre Bales,
  • Compressed Coco Peat High E.C,
  • Low E.C,
  • Extra washed,
  • Crunch mix,
  • Cut fibre mix blocks,
  • Grow Bags,
  • Open Top Grow Bags (Prefill Bags),
  • Bricks,
  • Husk Chips,
  • Coco Discs,
  • Coco Coins and Garden Articles,
  • Geo-textile,
  • Cocologs,
  • Coir Yarn.


To create a name for itself in the manufacturing of specialized products from coir pith. Assured quality and guaranteed delivered time are the strengths of the company.